Fidelity National Home Warranty at 1850 Gateway Boulevard #400, Concord, CA 94520

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1850 Gateway Boulevard #400, Concord, CA 94520
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+1 800-862-6837


Establishment   Home goods store  

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  • Kevin Spicci
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    On 04/02/2018 I performed a polarity electrical test on all of my electrical outlets in my home and found that the electrical circuit for the kitchen including the outlet for the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink was faulty. The polarity tester indicated an "open hot wire" which is extremely dangerous and can cause the electrocution of someone and or a house fire. I immediately shut off the breaker for that circuit and placed a call to my home warranty company Fidelity National Home Warranty and explained the situation. I point blank asked them if this problem would be covered under my current policy and they stated that it would and that all I had to do was to pay a $75.00 service trade fee for their electrical contractor to come out and also... since my 1 year home warranty contract was set to expire the next day on 04/03/2018... just renew the 1 year contract for $568.02 in 6 easy monthly installment payments of $94.67... which I agreed to but only if they were going to make the electrical repair on this faulty circuit that I had discovered, and they promised that they would. The service technician came to assess the problem on 04/05/2018 and said he would submit his findings back to Fidelity National Home Warranty on that same day and that I would hear back from them within 24-48 hours. I never heard back so I contacted Fidelity National Home Warranty on 04/07/2018 to check on the status of the repair and they stated that their technician`s findings were: that there was a broken wire somewhere in the wall on this particular electrical circuit and that since it was not a "mechanical failure" the policy that I had just renewed with them would not cover the repair! I then advised Fidelity National Home Warranty that I would be breaking my contract with them and seeking a refund through my bank for making false statements and not rendering services as promised! I also filed a complaint with the California Department of Insurance... this is the governmental agency that oversees and issues licenses to Home Warranty Companies in the State of California. In summary; I believe that this company Fidelity National Home Warranty... deliberately lied to me over the phone stating that this repair would be covered in order to deceive me into renewing a new annual contract with them. This was an intentional, deceitful, predatory sales tactic that I am willing to oppose and fight all the way to arbitration and/or the appropriate court systems! I advise everyone to avoid this company at all costs!!!
  • Hu Libo
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    This is the worst insurance type company that I have dealt with. I had an electric range that’s malfunctioning and gave them a call. First of all they charged 75 dollars to send a technician out to just simply checking if the item is actually problematic. I felt that was going to be money I’ll spent because there is no guarantee they will fix it. Then comes the drama, the technician arrived 1 hour later than the scheduled time, and once he took a look at the range and said there was no problem with it and decided to leave in TWO minutes. I told him just because the range could turn on did not mean that it was working. And I have to convince that guy that this range cannot even bring 500 mL water to boiling in 15 min which he was reluctant to watch. After some back and forth reasoning the guy finally admits the range did have a problem and promised that he would order parts to fix it pending company approval. The second day, we got a call from a lady with cheerful voice saying that they cannot cover our repair because it was determined to be a preexisting condition unless we can prove otherwise, however they would be happy to repair it for us if we pay the 500+ dollar repair fee they planned to charge. Now they have successfully took the money the seller paid for purchasing the warranty, the 75 dollar inspection fee from us, and disgusted us enough to never bother to contact them again. I don’t know what kind of business model this is, but I want to seriously warn any home owner not to buy warranty from them. If you are the seller and decide to opt for this company due to obligation but don’t want to spend a premium, please do your buyer a favor to tell them that they are better off to just find a real technician to do any repair they actually need to do instead of wasting 75 dollar and a good hour of their lives on this company.
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